How To Help

Helping Hands
Helping Hands

There are many ways to help! For those who enjoy the outdoors, the garden needs ongoing attention all season long with planting, harvesting, watering, weeding, etc. If you have retail experience or just enjoy talking with people, you can help sell a portion of the garden harvest at the Rochester Farmers’ Market to generate funds to support the garden. There are many behind-the-scenes activities as well. People are needed to record and maintain records of the harvest, transport the food to the Neighborhood House Food Pantry or farmers’ market, update the website, and communicate with the various entities involved in making the Grow to Give Garden a success. There are no skills are required to work in the garden, aside from a willing body and heart, so if you have a willingness to help, there is an opportunity for you!

There are many ways to help with the garden, and we are actively recruiting volunteers. Whether you can help once per week, once per month, or once per year, we invite you to partner with us!

Volunteer Opportunities

JOIN A REGULAR WORK CREW: New this year! We are in the process of developing 4 garden work crews that will care for the garden for 1 week at a time on a rotating basis, approximately every 4 weeks. Each crew will have a captain that will coordinate with their crew and explain what the garden needs for the week (be it watering, harvesting, weeding, planting, etc) and the crew will determine who/what/when/how they will accomplish the specified tasks. This crew will be the core garden workers for their assigned week, however they will be supplemented with additional volunteers as we continue to develop connections in the community.

DROP-IN VOLUNTEER: If your schedule is a bit more topsy-turvy, or you just want to help out occasionally on an as-needed basis, join our Drop-In List to receive regular requests and updates about Garden Opportunities.

FARMER’S MARKET VOLUNTEER: We need people to assist at and prep for the Rochester Farmer’s Market, as Grow to Give Garden plans to host a booth every other week, beginning on May 4.

GROUP OPPORTUNITIES: We have small and large group opportunities if you are involved with a group that would like to come together to harvest, plant, build etc.

Maintaining and harvesting a bountiful garden requires a lot of dedicated volunteers, and we are grateful for our volunteers! Whether you are interested in helping once per week or just once, we can find a place for you. Everyone is welcome! Please check out the Upcoming Events and Sign-Up pages for upcoming ways to help or reference our Contact Us page for other questions about how to help benefit our community through our project.